Exposed Aggregate Driveway Replacement in Abbotsford

See our concrete contractors in action as we replaced an old driveway in Abbotsford this week.

From start to finish, we took care of the entire job! This new exposed aggregate concrete driveway is durable, resistant to extreme weather and will require little maintenance in the coming years. A great investment for the homeowners!


The Captain Concrete work crew arriving on site with everything needed to remove the old driveway.


Getting ready to start removing the old worn out driveway.


Despite some wet weather we got to work in ripping out the driveway.


The front yard looks much different without a concrete driveway - but not for long.


Our crew starts leveling the driveway and preparing to place the forms and pour the concrete.


Hosing off the top layer of sand and cement to reveal the aggregate below the surface.


Our crew did a very thorough job to make sure all of the top layer was fully hosed off.


A new walkway to the front door.



A second walkway to the backyard.



The finished product! This beautiful exposed aggregate concrete driveway compliments their home and makes a great first impression to all visitors.


Do you need to you replace your old, cracked or sunk driveway? Even though we are heading into Fall and Winter we can still work through most of the year to help homeowners improve their property.

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