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“We hired Captain Concrete to tear out an old existing concrete patio and replace it with a stamped patio and sidewalk and we couldn’t be happier with the results! It was effortless – a one-stop project from planning, demolition, removal and construction. With our hectic schedule this was invaluable to us. The work they did for us far exceeded our expectations. The patio turned out beautifully! The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and readily available to answer my many questions along the way. We will definitely hire Captain Concrete in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to our family and friends.”

~ BC and TC

Below we have summarized the most common questions we get asked as experienced Concrete Contractors in the Fraser Valley.

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Our concrete contractors are always in high demand and our schedule books up quickly, especially through the Spring and Summer seasons. If you are needing our concrete services please contact us as soon as possible to get a free quote and reserve your job.

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How much do your concrete services cost?

The price ranges depending on size of job, location, access, amount of work required. For a 800 square foot minimum removal and replacement for driveway or patio:
- Broom finish concrete pricing ranges from $16.00 - 19.00/square foot.
- Exposed aggregate concrete pricing ranges from $19.00 - 22.00/ square foot.
- Colored and stamped concrete pricing ranges from $20.00 - 25.00+ / square foot. Pricing for extras such as borders, steps, pump etc. would be on top of that, and subject to an on-site visit and quotation. Pricing in the slower times (November to February) is often discounted if doing the work in the winter is an option for you.

What is the best concrete finish for my project?

There are many different types of concrete that can be used for many different applications. Troweled, broom finish, swirl finish, exposed aggregate, colored, stamped, carved are a few of the options. While one is not necessarily better than another, each has its place, and there is quite a price difference between them. You can also combine finishes so you have quite a few choices. When you have a project in mind, call or email for ideas and we can help you find the finish that is best for your project and your pocketbook!

Can my existing concrete be topped over to repair surface problems?

Yes, in some circumstances. Any structurally solid, surface deteriorated concrete can be resurfaced, however, existing cracks will come back through. Any spills, toppings, sealers, tiles,etc. would first have to be removed to get to a structurally sound base before topping.

What is involved with replacing my existing concrete?

First, call us for a free quote. After your acceptance, we give you an approximate start time, usually in 2-4 weeks depending on our schedule, and your requirements. The job can take from a few days to a few weeks depending on weather and extent of work being done. We come in with our equipment and break up and remove existing concrete. Then we prep the base, removing poor fill and bringing in gravel and compacting it. We set forms, install rebar. Then comes placing, and finishing concrete. If quoted we come back in a day or two to saw cut, and or seal concrete.

What is the best way to get a hold of you for a quotation?

Email me with your name, address, phone number(s), what kind of work you need, and a good time for me to call to set up appointment. Saturdays and late afternoons are when I usually try to quote jobs. You can also call me, Darrell Rempel, on my cell anytime: 604-302-0020. If you don’t get me, leave a message and I will call back as soon as I can.

When is the best time to pour new concrete?

We pour concrete year round here in the Fraser Valley, but in the heat, cold, rain, extra precautions are needed-Insulated tarps, poly roofs, spray misting to keep cool in heat. The best time is when frost is not a concern anymore, in cool but not cold weather, not in too much heat. March through October are our best months, as long as its not raining, or too hot. Best to worst months usually-April, May, March, September, June, July, August, October, November, December, January, February.

What kind of guarantee is on the new concrete?

We promise the concrete may crack! That is a natural for concrete, our job is to minimize them and try to control where they go. Concrete needs to have enough cement in it and a proper mix to hold up to the elements, and pressures on it from settling, ground vibration etc. We pour 4-5” thick, 32mpa. Concrete, aiming for 4.5” average, with 10mm rebar at approximate 24” spacing both ways. We also try not to stretch the expansion joints too far apart, they should be in close to square sections, not more than 10-12’ apart both ways. We guarantee the concrete will not come apart, or settle so there is a trip hazard, for 24 months from completion, or we will repair or replace at my discretion. We cannot control what happens to the surface so we don’t guarantee that so your best bet, if that is a concern, is to seal the concrete with a good quality concrete sealer every 2-3 years depending on wear, and use. We will gladly come and seal, or reseal the concrete for you at a reasonable cost.

What areas do you service?

We usually work within about 45 minutes of Abbotsford, our home base. Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, are all areas where we have done work in the last year.

Do you just work for home owners, or do you also do other types, like agricultural, commercial, new homes?

We do all types of work and have done commercial, agricultural, tenant improvements, new home construction, strata units, as well as a lot of removal, and replacing for home owners.

How much space do you need to get your equipment in and out of my back yard?

We have a mini-bobcat that is 36” wide, and another that is 46” wide. Our mini-hoe needs 42”, while our large bobcat needs close to 7’ to get in and out. The small bobcats have a hydraulic breaker that fits on them to efficiently break, and remove old concrete. The larger the space you have, the faster it goes.

I see you have bobcats, do you also do snow removal?

Yes we do snow removal in Abbotsford in winter months.

We have an event planned in two weeks we need to have concrete completed in time for, can you do it?

Yes, if we know your schedule requirements we can give a firm completion time. We have completed many jobs on short time frames to accommodate events, however the weather may come into play to hinder that, which we have no control over, unless it is possible to build a roof. Call and we can confirm one way or the other.

Why is my concrete surface coming off (called spalling)?

Spalling can be caused by many factors, including but not limited to:
- Salt damage
- Freeze/thaw cycles
- Poor quality concrete
- Poor concrete placing practices

How can I prevent spalling with my new concrete?

- Always use a qualified professional concrete contractor
- Use a top quality concrete mix with 32 mpa from a quality supplier
- Keep the concrete sealed every 2 to 3 years
- Do NOT use de-icers or salt for snow and frost removal, but only shovel and apply sand, especially during the first winter.



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