Our Concrete Services

Your Start-to-Finish Full Service Concrete Contractor

At Captain Concrete we pride ourselves in handling all residential and commercial concrete requirements from start to finish. From demolition to grading, forming, placing, finishing and sealing, we are the only company you will need to deal with. Our local suppliers allow us to provide you with quick, efficient, and reasonably priced materials delivered consistently and on time.

Captain Concrete StairsWe work with homeowners, insurance companies, strata management companies, and contractors throughout Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley to provide a wide range of concrete services including:

  • Concrete Driveways
  • Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways
  • Concrete Stairs
  • Concrete Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Garages
  • Concrete Patios and Decks
  • Concrete Pool Decks
  • Trench Drains and Catch Basins

We also provide concrete services to agricultural, commercial, and municipal sites.

Here is a breakdown of how we approach each concrete project and what you can expect from Captain Concrete’s services.

Concrete Design and Drawings

We help design concrete plans and permits while staying within budget.

Our customers come to us with various levels of knowledge when it comes to concrete. If you do not know what you want or need, we will help with the design, drawings, and permits (if required). Our customers appreciate our knowledge and expertise in recommending the best concrete finish for each application all while making the most of their budget.


We demolish and remove all old and existing concrete!

We have a selection of tools and machines to handle most demolition required for preparation of pouring new concrete. Tools include sledge-hammers, jack hammers, and hydraulic breakers for mini-bobcats. We have a mini-hoe for very small and tight spaces like backyards and a large bobcat for large areas such as parking lots. Our small bobcat is only 36″ wide to squeeze through tight spaces like gates or doors to get access into back yards. We also get rid of your old concrete! We have a dump trailer to handle smaller projects and pull in large dump bins for larger areas.

Prep Work for Pouring Concrete

We properly grade, level, and compact in preparation for pouring concrete.

We have the machines, tools, and compactors for grading, leveling, compacting of gravel base in preparation for forming and concrete placing as well as an experienced crew to handle most forming needs. Concrete preparation is an extremely important step in the process that needs proper attention in order to have concrete that does not crack or sink.

Placing Concrete Forms

We carefully measure and place forms with precision.

We have many power and hand tools to handle concrete placement needs including laser levels, power screed vibrators as well as levels, string lines, aluminum screeds for critical levels and slopes on many different projects. Accurate placement of forms and proper slopes are extremely important for proper drainage, particularly in the Fraser Valley with the amount of rain we get each year.

Concrete Sealing

We put on the finishing touches with protective concrete sealant products.

We also supply and apply several different base sealers to help protect and beautify many different types and finishes of concrete inside as well as outside. We also acid wash and/or pressure wash concrete to clean before sealing. Please note that at this time we do not offer concrete sealing as a stand alone service.

Our Concrete Equipment

We bring in the right equipment to do the job efficiently.

We have a large skid-steer bobcat, a 40″ mini hoe bobcat, a 36″ wide mini bobcat on tracks, a 46″ mini bobcat on tracks, as well as generators, compactors, dump trailer, and many other tools to handle removal, grading, leveling, material delivery even in tight areas or soft areas. We also have many sheets of 1″ thick plywood to put down to protect existing grass and landscaping.

Even with the right equipment our crews need to get creative from time to time and use a little muscle to complete complicated and hard to access projects! Here are just a few ways we’re willing to go the extra mile in difficult projects:

  • Using 4×4’s and boxes in the back of the truck to get concrete to the TV tower on top of Sumas Mountain.
  • Using buckets to get into tight inside rooms.
  • Using wheelbarrows up elevators to get to jobs too small or too problematic for pumps in tall buildings.
  • Making custom chutes, or even used multiple chutes and wheelbarrows, to get where we had to with concrete.

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