Are you looking for the WOW factor when it comes to your home?

Decorative concrete is all the rage right now as it allows homeowners to achieve a high-end look of stone or brick at a much more affordable price. Captain Concrete’s decorative concrete options will enhance the look of your home and achieve a completely unique look that complements both the style and functionality of the area.

Our decorative concrete company specializes in:

  • Decorative concrete driveways
  • Decorative concrete patios
  • Decorative concrete pool decks
  • Decorative concrete walls
  • Plus customized concrete projects!

Gone are the days of boring grey concrete. The sky is now the limit with all of the advancements to tools, stains, dyes, textures, and patterns we can use when pouring concrete. Here are just some of our decorative concrete finishes and options that you can use alone or in combination to achieve a visually impactful and highly functional space.

Decorative Colored Concrete

Decorative colored concrete adds visual impact and can be used to enhance the effect of shapes, patterns, and textures. Our colored decorative concrete options are endless and are often used for driveways, patios, and concrete pool decks.

Decorative Stamped Concrete

Decorative stamped concrete is an affordable way to imitate the look of natural stone or wood and can be used in combination with aggregate or broomed concrete for even more cost savings. Popular decorative concrete stamps designs include Carved Granite, Ashlar, Cobblestone, and Planks.


Decorative Combination Finish

Decorative combination concrete finishes are a great way to break up large driveways and patios. By using two or more concrete finishes you can also create some unique designs and focal points.

Decorative Swirled Concrete

Captain Concrete can add decorative interest to basic broomed concrete by making swirls or arcs in the wet concrete surface. Creativity and artistry comes into play with swirled concrete finishes. An experienced concrete contractor can do some very impressive designs!

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At Captain Concrete we are experienced in bringing together a number of concrete finishes and designs to provide our customers with a stunning finished product. We service the entire Fraser Valley including Abbotsford, Mission, Aldergrove, Surrey, and beyond.

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