Combination Concrete Finishes

A combination concrete finish is our favorite for larger areas where you want a higher level of function as well as a decorative look without breaking the bank.

Not only does combining contrasting or alternate finishes add a higher level of visual appeal, it also serves to create a natural break in large surface projects. We can use a combination of broomed, exposed, stamped or smooth finishes to help promote flow and function of a large area and pull in any number of different effects while helping keep costs in line.

The overall cost for combination decorative concrete varies depending on finish, color, and texture options. The cost can run close to stamped, or slightly less depending on choice. Because any combination of broomed, exposed, stamped, or smooth finishes can be formed in endless design patterns, you can achieve a stunning look at an incredibly affordable cost.

Here are some recent examples of our combination concrete finish projects in Abbotsford and throughout the Lower Mainland.

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