Benefits of Concrete Paving

Captain Concrete DrivewayDid you know that there are several benefits of concrete paving over asphalt that you may want to consider when tackling your next paving project?

  • Concrete paving requires less maintenance than asphalt
  • Rigid concrete is more durable than asphalt
  • Concrete paving costs are less than asphalt when you consider maintenance costs over time
  • Paved concrete is lighter in color and naturally reflects light while asphalt is dark and absorbs more heat

Plus concrete allows you to be much more creative in your designs. There is a wide range of decorative concrete paving finishes that you can mix and match including colored, stamped, combination, and swirled concrete in order to create truly unique space.

Starting with the initial concrete paving design, our concrete paving does it all including grading, forming, placing, paving, and finishing. We’re the only concrete paving company you will need to deal with from start to finish. We also work with local suppliers which means we can provide you with quick, efficient, and reasonable priced materials delivered on time.

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At Captain Concrete, we pride ourselves in handling all of our residential or commercial customer’s concrete paving requirements from start to finish. Our concrete paving services include:

  • Concrete driveway paving
  • Concrete patio and deck paving
  • Concrete paving for pool decks
  • Stamped concrete paving
  • Decorative concrete paving

We are one of the most experienced concrete paving companies in Abbotsford with over 30 years’ in the industry we bring together a number of paved concrete finishes and designs to provide our customers with a stunning finished product.

Captain Concrete paving contractors service the entire Fraser Valley including Abbotsford, Mission, Aldergrove, Surrey, and beyond.

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