Exposed Aggregate Driveway Replacement in Abbotsford

See our concrete contractors in action as we replaced an old driveway in Abbotsford this week. From start to finish, we took care of the entire job! This new exposed aggregate concrete driveway is durable, resistant to extreme weather and will require little maintenance in the coming years. A great investment for the … [Read more...]

Sunken Driveway Repair in Abbotsford

Despite all the rain we received this week our concrete contractors managed to complete this much needed sunken concrete driveway repair for new homeowners. Shortly after moving in these homeowners decided to replace the old concrete driveway that had sunk in front of their garage. This was a smart decision as sunken concrete driveways pose … [Read more...]

Widening Concrete Driveway After Tree Removal

This summer we provided a very creative solution for one our clients. This is actually Part Two of the concrete driveway update for this homeowner. Our concrete contractors had previously poured the large exposed aggregate concrete portion of their driveway. Since then the homeowners decided to remove a tree at the front left side of the … [Read more...]