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Kitchen Wall Colors

Renewing home environments is always exciting. One of the main areas that should always be updated is the kitchen. However, sometimes the budget is not enough to make a complete makeover. In those cases, an ideal way to give a new air to your kitchen is to paint it. It is essential that you correctly select the type of paint, and the ideal color to give the kitchen a new look.

What Type of Paint To Select For Your Kitchen?

Take into account that this space is exposed to stains, dirt, grease, and microorganisms. You can choose any paint that resists humidity and is easy to maintain. Oil-based glazes are an excellent choice. They have an excellent price-to-value ratio, resist moderate humidity and are easy to clean.

If you want more protection against microorganisms and your budget allows it, you can consider anti-fungal paints or photocatalytic ones (they break down bacteria in the presence of light).

Which Kitchen’s Wall Colors Are Ideal For You?

Before selecting the color, take into account the style of decoration you want and the lighting effects you want to achieve. Also, you should consider factors such as space, lighting (both natural and artificial), type of walls, and color of the floor, among others. These are some of the favorite colors for the kitchen:

  • White: this is the most classic color for decorating kitchen walls. This color gives excellent sensations of hygiene and space. It is ideal for reduced areas and helps to give more luminosity to the environment.
  • Grey, Blue, or Black: this is a bolder style, but it gives a personal and unique touch to the kitchen. If you want these colors on your walls, you must take into account that the cabinets and utensils must be light colors so you can create a contrast that balances the environment.
  • Vivid Colors: In modern decorations, warm hues such as yellow, orange and even red will give that bold element to kitchen walls. You will have a bright, cheerful and cozy space. Make sure you have good lighting so that you don’t lose the feeling of spaciousness in the room.

A sensational idea with vivid colors is that you can use them as a contrast. You can choose just one or two walls of the kitchen to cover it with the strong tonality, and the rest of the area to paint it white. This will create a twist in the uniformity of the surface, creating a distinguished and contemporary atmosphere.

  • Pastel Colors: This type of tonality is ideal for creating a romantic, classic and cozy atmosphere. The different roses and pale blues are great for giving that tender touch to your home kitchen.
  • Mint Green: this shade is perfect if you want to give a retro touch to space. This green is a classic, and it is difficult to go out of style. You can also achieve a retro look with some shades of blue, such as powdery sky blue.

Have You Already Chosen Your New Kitchen Color?

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Kitchen Wall Colors

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Kitchen Wall Colors

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