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SmartLiving Home Repair Services is always there to provide you with a wide range of exceptional services. But there are some frequently asked questions which we have answered below.


Q. Is SmartLiving Home Repair Services Trustworthy and Reliable?


A. Our proficient employees with ten years of experience in this field are further given proper training to ensure that they provide our customers with professional cleaning services. Moreover, each employee is fully insured for your maximum safety. Our team will arrive in our company van in a neat and clean uniform on time with all the tools and supplies required for the service.


Q. How to hire SmartLiving Home Repair Services?


A. To get the best cleaning services in Wichita, KS, Contact Smart Living Home Repair Services by calling at (888) 758-9103. Schedule time as per your requirements.


Q. What services are provided?


A. We offer a wide range of superlative services to help our customers in every possible way. The services that we provide are:


  1. Appliance Repair
  2. Asphalt Paving
  3. Foundation Repair
  4. Home Cleaning
  5. HVAC Repair
  6. Pest Control
  7. Plumbing Repair
  8. Pool Service
  9. Roofing Repair
  10. Tree Removal


We have got it all covered.


Q. What if your team member damages something?


A. Being the most satisfactory house cleaning service in Wichita, we make sure to train our workers properly. In the training process, we teach them how to handle everything carefully. But if something gets damaged, we will make our best effort to repair or replace that item. And don't worry, all our workers are insured, so you can file a claim when needed.


Q. What should I do before the team arrives?


A. You must organize the place like pick up toys, garbage, and dirty clothes and wash dishes as our team members do not perform them. However, being an ideal house cleaning service in Wichita, we perform specific tasks like cleaning cabinets, fireplace, and stove on special requests. Just inform your requests to our office staff beforehand, so our team comes prepared.


Q. How much do your services cost?


A. We can not quote a fixed price as our price depends on several factors. It greatly depends upon how much work and what kind of work you want us to perform. Therefore, we prefer visiting your place first before quoting any price. Call our office for more information.


Q. Will I get the same person each time if I sign up for the long-term?


A. We will make every effort to provide the worker you want as your satisfaction is our topmost priority. If a situation arises that your favorite team member is unavailable, then our company will contact you beforehand. You can choose to either hire someone else from our team of skillful members or change your scheduled day so your favorite team member can clean.


Q. One of the visits is during the holidays. Will you work?


A. Our company tries to work as per your schedule, but if a holiday like Christmas or New Eve comes up on the day allotted, then our company will call you to arrange it on a different day.


If you still have some query then Contact Smart Living Home Repair Services: (888) 758-9103. For more information click here.

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house cleaning service Wichita

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house cleaning service Wichita

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