Hardwood Repair Baltimore

When you need a hardwood repair in Baltimore, get in touch with Premier Hardwood Floors for refinishing, repairs, and restoration. We not only offer our customers the best hardwood floor refinishing services, but we also offer affordable restoration rates that cost a fraction of replacing your floors. If you’re thinking about tearing out old flooring and replacing it with brand new hardwood floors, reach out to our flooring specialists to find out how we can save you money by restoring instead of replacing existing floors. Reach us toll-free at 800-236-2426.

5 Pro Tips For Hardwood Floor Repair

1. Never try to repair serious damage to your hardwood flooring using do-it-yourself techniques- you could end up causing even more damage to your floors that will require professional intervention. For example, you may read online about erasing scratches or buffing out damage using brillo pads, green scrubbers, and/or sandpaper; it’s best to leave sanding and scratch removal to the experts who have the right equipment and knowledge. If you end up damaging your floors due to DIY techniques, you’ll still require the services of a professional who can offer the best hardwood floor refinishing services.

2. For minor scratches and imperfections that can occur through the years, professionals recommend first finding out what type of finish in on your floor, then following pro-advice to remove scratches or stains. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the floors you’ll be working on, starting from the wall and working until you’ve reached the other wall. Remove dust and grime using a cleaner recommended by your flooring installer. Use a wax remover on the entire area if your floors have a wax layer. Request advice from hardwood floor repair companies in your area by reaching out by phone.

3. Try a blending pencil to blend in minor scratches or surface imperfections; be sure to choose the right color to match your floor and the exact spot in your floor that requires a repair. Look to see whether the scratch or imperfection crosses over wood grain as it may need more than one color pencil. Again, advice from a floor refinishing and repair company in Baltimore may be required for the best results.

4. Treat more significant scratches with a new coat of stain and finish. For superior results, bring in a hardwood floor installation professional who is experienced in staining and sealing Baltimore hardwood floors. If you decide to do the work yourself, be aware that undertaking a job such as this is a huge task and will require moving furniture and staying off of your floors for several days.

5. If you need extensive hardwood repair in Baltimore, sanding and refinishing may be the only way to remove scratches and other surface issues that are causing your floors to look old and out-dated. At Premier Hardwood Floors, we highly recommend reaching out to our flooring specialists to take on this capacity of work. Our hardwood flooring pros can restore even extensively damaged floors to their original beauty and function when you hire us for repairs and restoration. Contact us by calling 800-236-2426 when you’re ready to get started.

Hardwood Repair Baltimore

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Hardwood Repair Baltimore

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