Recent Winter Concrete Projects

Now that the snow has melted away and we’ve returned to more normal temperatures for the West Coast our crew of concrete contractors have been very busy catching up on jobs.

Yes – we do pour concrete in winter! Our services are offered year-round as long as there is no frost on the ground and the thermometer reads around 5° Celsius.

Here are a couple recent jobs we’ve been working on.

concrete pilasters

Architectural concrete pilasters (columns) for decorative bases to the front of a contemporary modular office building.

24" concrete foundation pad

24″ thick foundation pads for large dust collector, hoarded in because of -5 to -10 degree weather!

Now that most of the winter weather is (hopefully) behind us we are booking up very fast! If you have a concrete project such as a driveway, pool deck, patio, or even just a concrete pad for your shop, don’t delay! Call 604-302-0020 to reserve your job. You can also fill out our quick online Contact Form to get a quote.

Check out what else we’ve been up to this winter!